Kelsey’s nervous

She got a covenant eyes report that looks very incriminating.  But it’s not.  I think she’s okay now. 

Covenant Eyes is an accountability report of what I browse on the internet.  It basically logs every site I went to and sends her an email with ratings of questionable URLs.   Things like mormon-sex.jpg (a scan of a purported letter to church leaders about the subject) and yoursextoybox-16.jpg (apparently an icon of some other blogger on wordpress with a racy name.)

I was worried I’d lost her, but was not willing to take any flak over something I didn’t do.  But then I saw how bad it looked.   Regardless, I hope we can both keep cooler heads.  

I realize she has justifiable trust issues and that’s part of what I’ll have to pay, but I hope she realizes that I love her and remembers that I’m only human.

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