Memorial Day in Montana

Guess I can do something about that. I’ll write something.

We went to Montana for Memorial Day weekend.

Friday I got home from work and Kelsey was stressing over some wedding photos that didn’t come out as well as she’d have liked. It was pretty much the first time she used her new digital camera, so I think that’s to be expected.

I didn’t want to add any additional stress but eventually told her what I’d done. On the drive, we sorted it out.

Snoqualmie pass was a snarl, took an hour or more to go the last couple miles, and I really had to go.

We stayed the night in a dive hotel in Spokane and picked up Amy and her boyfriend.

Saturday morning I did a little casting, later I took my snorkel into a hole and didn’t see any fish. Libby creek is still real cold. Ask me about my Sunday morning bath before Church sometime.

There were probably 100 people who showed up to the Luau. I got out of most of the work by playing with the kids. Cheri’s boys and Dana and Danell’s and Critter. I misplaced my snorkel and wallet, but eventually Kelsey found the latter right before leaving.

The pig was perfectly cooked, the turkeys good too. There was a big debate about whether it was done. My dad poked a finger in it, and we all started eating. I think I got the second bite. I feel sorry for the latecomers who didn’t get warm meat.

Lots of fun playing on the tractor and building fires and playing in the creek. Sam still loves to throw rocks more than anything. Especially into the water. Ever since he was 1 years old that’s been our thing.

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