One more reason to hate the US Post Office

Of course you can’t buy 2 cent stamps to use your old stamps now that the price has gone up.  But this is a new low.  I go to the stamp machine to buy new stamps, having given up on ever using my old ones (wasn’t it only a few months ago they raised the price last time?)  and they have one row of liberty bell “forever” stamps (that will not be honored in 2 years, guaranteed) that is out.  But they have all these new stamps.  Apparently so new that they can’t even display the stamp or the stamp book cover.  They have really poor photocopies — we’re talking Dan Rather quality, I didn’t even know they made photocopiers that poor anymore — of stamp book covers.  Lots of new pictures.  I get one with vegetables on the cover.

That’s right.  They’re 39 cent stamps.  Absolutely worthless.  Not worth the gum arabic adhesive on their back sides.  If you look closely on the photocopy, you can tell there is a denomination, and the first digit might be a 3 or a 5 or an 8, but it’s definitely not a 4.

To top it all off, they don’t even give you real change.  Just those fake Suh-CAWG-wee-uh brass coins that you can only spend in Ecuador.

The post office stole $10 from me.  Do you really think anyone in that 50 people long line (at 8:15 in the morning)  isn’t just there to intimidate real US citizens from getting their money back from the thieves at the post office.

And yes, it is too funded by your taxes.  If all stamps were free, there was no commercial mail, they hired twice as many employees at twice the pay, and gave them all Hummers to drive around in, there’d still be plenty of money left over from the federal budget allocated to the post office.  All your stamp money is profit that goes to the GOVERNMENT APPOINTED executives.

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