A Game

War –

You can take the role of:

An individual fighter (infantry, artillery, plane, etc.)

A field commander (varying levels, directing troops,  ships, etc.)

A commander (varying levels, strategy, directing attacks, supply, etc.)

A diplomat (varying levels,  spy, ambassador, goverment, leader)

A producer (factory, individual)

It’s like MMORPGs but it’s really a strategy game welded to an action game.  It might pay to keep it simple.  Three aspects — diplomacy, combat, strategy.

With a possible fourth — supply/industry

and fifth — leadership/government.

It’d be interesting to see how people are at taking orders, working together, etc.  That’s the real interest.  RPG guilds are one thing, but they’re really no more complex than chat heirarchies and counterstrike strategy is totally defeated with “respawning” — it becomes a twitch fest

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