Weather not exactly what I expected

It was partly cloudy all day, upper 60s, great, until about 5pm it rained, a good pour, that ended quickly. I don’t know if it rained early, but no sign of it at my house at 7am. Gusts of wind, but only one mishap setting up the small tent.

Kelsey’s legendary calling of the weather worked again, and was commented on. I thought even the little shower worked well. Everyone crowded under the tent right after we cut the cake and the I ran out in the rain (having already been dunked in my pinstripe shorts and tux top) and got back on the hot seat. Kelsey followed shortly after in her wedding dress, and we gave everyone wet hugs and left a bit early.

We walked into the Hilton barefoot and dripping, carrying a plastic tub with our changes of clothes (and Kelsey’s bachelorette party gifts) and got upgraded to the Executive floor and a late checkout at 3pm.

It was a great party and we had just the right amount of food. That is, a little bit less than we needed, but that helped signal to people to go home, and saved on the cleanup, which our families and friends did a gracious job for us, only not getting the badminton and croquet set back to the place we rented them and the dunk tank from.

Todd did a great job barbecuing (even though the chicken was still frozen) and though the corn wasn’t great and we could have used more meat, I don’t think anyone complained. I should have brought the ribs.

Kelsey’s mom fussed and generally took the stress off Kelsey and that was a big help too. My mom and sisters, especially Kira who made the cake (which was a hit, Kelsey’s dad raved about it yesterday, and apparently there was none left) took care of a lot of the behind the scenes work, and the men took care of the tents and setup. Gene and Matt held down the fort and were there for the rental deliveries.

All I had to do was pick some flowers on the roadside and show up at the temple, which I did promptly at 11:00 with my dad. I even had time to trim my toenails while he ate breakfast.

The temple ceremony went well, Kelsey was beautiful in her white polka-dot dress, the photography wasn’t too bad, and the only mishap was my dad threw his back out clowning around during pictures trying to pinch me.

I didn’t have much time to have fun at the park, spending most of it trailing Kelsey and shaking hands, but we got a lot of gifts and cards with money, checks or gift-certificates that we unwrapped Sunday evening after bringing a load from my house.

We had chinese take-out for dinner that we ordered after returning the keys for the house we rented for my family to stay in and returning the tuxedo.

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