Only 24%?!!!

Here’s a quote from a Rasmussen poll about the boring Global Warming concerts covered (somewhat less than breathlessly by some poor former actress or model hosting it like a Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, who’s over-made-up face was as slouchy as her body, looking vaguely like a wax statue of a Roman Senator reclining to dinner and melting in a heat wave from Africa) all day Saturday on TV:

“just 24% of Americans consider Al Gore an expert on Global Warming.”

“Just” is a surprising choice of terms.  I would have thought anything greater than 1% would be shocking, worthy of a moniker such as “as many as”, even for a cynic such as myself, even if you believed in Global Warming and loved Al Gore.

Don’t ever let them tell you they don’t really believe he invented the internet.

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