One Shore Inc

Yesterday I incorporated One Shore Inc as a Washington corporation, applied for a EIN from the IRS, and filed for a Washington Master Business License after doing a name search.  I looked into registering the trademark since it looks like the owner of has abandoned it.  I still need to find some details and am kind of wishing I’d gone through one of those package incorporation shops to do it.

Klamathsystems was too hard to spell.  I’ll talk to Daryl about partnering later this week.  I set it up as a corporation as opposed to an LLC so that it would be easier for investors, if we have any, to take stock.  An S-Corp can’t have any foreign owners, but I don’t think I’ll need any before next year.  If I end up giving shares or options to employees or partners in Ecuador, we will either wait until next year or form an Ecuador corporation at that time.

We may also want to register Foxfish as a nonprofit.