Painting the bike shed

I just had another long meeting.  I managed to conceptualize a video game, design a jet, come up with three interior configurations (from 8 luxury seats and a bed to a 16 seat commuter), and then developed a business plan based on leasing that commuter jet for 5 million dollars.  It turns out that I’d need to charge $334/seat, average 75% occupancy, make 2 flights a day for 300 days a year, and I’d make a profit in 10 years.  If you know anyone looking for a solid 3.8% return, I’d like to start an airline.  After that I got bored and drew up some house plans, ice cream cones, and various halberds and other weapons.

After deciding the theme of the meeting was not “What color should we paint the bicycle shed?” but “What color should the bicycle shed be painted?”  I managed to chime in after a particularly clueless comment that we should use paint.  The scary thing is I think the only other guy who was on that level was the architect.

I’ll be glad to work for myself.  I’ll just have to be sure to concentrate on painting sheds instead of dreaming of building boats, so that I can afford one some day.

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