On Wednesday night we had Caelin over and then slept at his house. Thursday morning at 6am Kelsey cheerfully got up and we said goodbye to her mom and went home to the love shack for the last time and started loading bins. We filled up Kelsey’s car with all the stuff we didn’t want to get wet, and got out of there at a respectable hour, 11am , taking my truck, her Jeep (newly washed for sale) and dad’s trailer full of junk.

We didn’t make it to Libby before dark, but we didn’t get pulled over for non-working tail lights. Three close encounters with deer later, and we pulled up at around 9pm.

Layed some OSB flooring in the attic and hauled all our boxes up. Next day layed concrete in the garage. Today, took it easy and took mom and dad to MK steakhouse.

I’ve had a couple good emails about job prospects from, short term stuff, and CivicActions, for a full time position as QA Manager. They do websites for political groups like Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International. It’s a 100% virtual team. So that might be good, but I want to start my own business too.

Anyway, I’ve been downloading tools and stuff like mad at my parents, trying to get as much as I might need in case I’m without internet for a while in Ecuador. I started building a staircase calculator program to make sure I have a working LAMP stack and things like PHPUnit/SimpleTest, PEAR::Log/Log4PhP, MagickWand/GD, Selenium/Watir, etc. OpenOffice, Apache, Subversion, Bugzilla, etc.

I downloaded and installed Drupal and CiviCRM top prepare for CivicActions job.  I’ve only poked around a little, but I’m impressed with the featuers and ease of use of Drupal.  I also need to install a bunch of business stuff for consulting:  SugarCRM, Alfresco, OrangeHRM, WorldVista, etc.

I need to come up with example tests for a position on too.

Anyway, we return to Seattle tomorrow. Hopefully we can sell Kelsey’s car and my Hobie cat before we leave.