Microwave Turkey & Tacos for Breakfast

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we had a great one in Ecuador. I spent the morning futzing with my website design while Kelsey slaved away in the kitchen preparing the traditional American feast (Ecuadorian style.)  Before she got up, I had started some dough for bread, but I neglected it, while writing updates in my other blogs.  There was an overflowing bowl of yeast to deal with by the time I ran out of internet.

So I made the bread, and Kelsey made everything else:  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, pumpkin pie (baked Wednesday night at Roseros), and all the trimmings.  We had carrot (zanoria) and cucumber (pepino) sticks for appetizers, with ranch and leftover aji that Kelsey made a couple days before.

We took a break around 10:30 for breakfast:  hard shell tacos with home made salsa and guacamole.

I cooked the rolls in the microwave (something I’ve gotten good at) and Kelsey cooked the turkey (pavo) and stuffing in it too.   It all turned out great.

Among the things to be thankful for are that our wireless internet connection from TVCable was installed yesterday.  Got to go on top the roof and then watch them drill a hole through the brick wall nearly shattering the dining room windows.

It’s not the best connection, but so far (sometimes) it’s been more reliable.  I’m enjoying the long cord we asked to be left behind, because it’s now strung across the dining room, down the hall and into the living room — so I can get wifi with a view.  Even with my WRT54G juiced up to 100mW, I can’t get connected (with 2 bars) 20 feet away.

Oh well.

I’m working on menus today, and have found a good CSS menu at  brothercake.com, but I can’t seem to get it to behave well (in IE7.)  Altering the presentation (position, color, etc.) is a hack too.

Now if only we get that washer & dryer that Salgosa’s (the landlord company) been promising.

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