Perl Testing & Safari Bookshelf

Perl Testing has been a great book.  I felt like I knew more after reading chapter 1.  And that’s practical knowledge.  I’m through with Chapter 4 already, and while that one isn’t the most interesting to me (testing Pods, Distributions, Tests, etc.), it contains information I’ll want when I’m writing CPAN modules (probably never) — I use CPAN and don’t give back.  Except maybe a bugfix.

I’m not happy, however, with the Safari bookshelf format.  It’s a pain.  It’s too limiting, it’s a waste of time, and it requires you to be online — as in logged in to their website, don’t let your session expire or start over and find your book and page again.)  And no note taking.  And cutting and pasting to print out and read on the pot is a pain too.   So, two thumbs down for Safari.

Two thumbs up for “Perl Testing” and so many other books made available by Oreilly.

I’ve given up on Perl 6, however.  I hear Duke Nukem Forever has decided to rewrite their game engine in it.

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