and the web 2.0 me

I’ve gone web 2.0! I signed up for and intend to use it. Look for my exciting links under “fijiaaron”. My bookmarks have gotten out of control, and the firefox plugin should make it fairly painless. (I’ll just have to remember to browse with Firefox instead of Seamonkey.)

Along with a blog and basecamp, it’s official. Add in skype and a wiki, sprinkle in some Ajax, and you can stick a fork in me. All I need now is a flickr album and a social networking site. I’m even buying e-books and subscriptions.

Maybe I should get some ad sense or ad words? Nah.

I’m going to write a book, though, online, probably as a wiki, taking from the tools wiki. Tentatively titled Open Source QA Tools. And probably self-publish it on lulu.

I need some RSS feeds and a web service or two.

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