I’m starting work on a new site with my new partner, Patricio, a web developer.  He has his own business and web site,, which shows he has some design talent.  He’s experienced with PHP and Joomla.

The site is called  It aims to be a resource connecting visitors to Cuenca with local people and businesses.  The type of stuff you’d want to find on a travel website.

  • A directory of businesses travelers might be interested in:
    hotels, restaurants, travel agents, tour operations, shops and artisans, etc.
  •  Reviews and comparisons of businesses, attractions, sights, etc.
  • A map of the city and the ability to find businesses, attractions, sights, etc.
  • Blogs, galleries, comments, etc. by travelers and locals
  • Articles and advice for travelers
  • News and local events
  • Advertising, specials, package deals
  • Hotel & tour reservations and bookings
  • A marketplace for local products from shops, artisans, etc.

I hope to use this project to refine my process ideas and test drive a qa site.  In essence, will be the first qa-site user (apart from bootstrapping.) One Shore is still looking for others willing to try out QA Site and give feedback.  It’s free for 3 months, and maybe more, if you’re a good customer.  That includes a free VPS server and support.

Of course I want Cuenca Travel to succeed as well.

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