Kelsey has been quilting and watching Monk on her computer.  It’s a show we both like.  I relate, of course to Adrian, because of my neuroses and admit to being “a little bit Monk.”  Kelsey said “alot.”  But I also realized, apart from being a germ freak, I share another neurosis with a fictional character.  I’m an organization freak.  Thankfully, I’m too lazy most of the time.  But I find when it comes to organizing my thoughts, that I obsess over details, and if the plan isn’t organized “just so” it distracts me.

I like to think that actually it is because of my limited ability to think clearly, that I need the organization to accomplish anything.  Whatever helps me sleep at night.  In truth, I’m often suffering from “analysis paralysis” and wish I could “just do it.”

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