Carnival in Ecuador

This week is Carnival.  And here that means water ballons.  Actually, they’ve been celebrating practically since New Years.  Kelsey got hit by a water balloon from a fast moving car walking home the first week of January.  Today she “paid it forward” when she pegged a guy who was climbing on the back of his car for some unknown reason, with a water balloon from a fast moving car.  He flipped her off.

A couple weeks ago, my dad also got hit while we were taking a walk on Sunday afternoon.  Okay, we were coming back from Canibales with some rotisserie chicken. Oh yeah, my parents came to visit us in Ecuador.  We were going to go to Machu Picchu, but didn’t bother.  It was good.  Kelsey mentioned it.  Anyway, while he was in Tia, the same car came around again, actually a pickup with little girls 10-12 in the back.  They threw one at me and missed.  They threw another and I caught it.  I returned fire and avenged my dad.

Today is the first real day of Carnival, though all weekend was a bit of a warm up.  It rained yesterday evening and all night and was cold and cloudy this morning.  We went over to Roseros at 10, and proceeded to fill bags of water balloons.  Roseros had prepared a barbecue, and we went over to a park by the river.  After stopping at Abuelita’s and picking her up (and Roderigo lobbing a few) we caravanned to the park — with Kelsey pegging the guy on the way.

Waterfights, barbecue, and Uno in a tent with a light rain ensued.  Oh yeah, and there was an awesome zip line, about 75′ long.  It was a great gauntlet to run while balloons or spray foam was launched at you.   It took some work to get the charcoal working and tent set up.  We refilled a bunch of balloons from the dirty river with a squirt bottle and returned to Rosero’s house and proceeded to ambush the volunteers who came out to greet them.  I believe Jenna and Sara were the first targets.

Me and Kelsey took to the sidelines to fill balloons and egg them on.  I armed the maid, and anyone else who passed by.  Sammy refused to take a bomba. Eventually I had to go out join the fray.  Roderigo had the hose.  Lindsey had a pitcher and balloons from Kelsey from the balcony.  Ishi had spray foam.  I lured as many people into the battle as possible, getting Tanya and Whitney and Sarah soaked.  I took the hose and got Sammy, who actually seemed a good sport.  When Lorena or Abuela leaned too far out over the balcony I threatened them with a light spray.

Eventually everyone but Kelsey was soaked.  Two girls dragged Lorena out to be hosed down. I went inside to give Kelsey a wet hug and then created a diversion so she could slip out the back door unscathed.  The walk home was nervous for her, (I was looking for more trouble), but thanks to her menacing demeaner, nobody got us.  We armed some men in the street however.

Tomorrow will be the real deal, but I don’t know if we’ll go out.  I didn’t get any work done today.

And Josh is having a girl. Which means I can still have the first Evans boy.

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