The Ideal framework

My last post mentioned 5 requirements my ideal framework would have, before falling off-track and turning into a rant that’s sure to draw unwanted attention and flames.

I write for myself, and have few pretensions, so any criticism is probably warranted, but not necessarily welcome. I’m too modest to think anyone reads my posts, except accidentally, probably looking for tips to install Magickwand, my customer service experience with Linode & VPSLand, or an intelligent review of some random framework or tool. All of which, I’m sure, are sadly disappointed, but Google doesn’t know that yet.

So, here is the list again in a (hopefully) less flammable post, in case someone wants to read it without reading my uninformed, out of context, flamebait.

The ideal framework should:

  1. Get out of the way
  2. Be obvious about what it’s doing
  3. Leverage existing knowledge and techniques
  4. Help write better code by:
    1. Making code simpler, less verbose
    2. Help me stay organized
    3. Help me avoid shooting myself in the foot
  5. Allow hacks when needed

To start off, I want to stress that I don’t want to let the ideal be the enemy of the good, as long as the good is good enough.

This is a personal blog, which means an unorganized record of my own thoughts, however incoherent or inaccurate. I’m not trying to sell anything or prove my brilliance, but if you want to hire me, request services from my company, or invest in my online petstore, because of what you’ve read on my blog, by all means don’t let my humility (or stupidity) deter you.

The first and most important requirement of a good framework to me is that it “Gets out of the way”, which I’ll cover next (actually, I wrote a good deal on it already, but prefacing and flaming have distracted me.)

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