¿Viva Fidel?

I’ve interrupted my musings to bring you a celebration of Capitalism that is both timely and topical…

¿Viva Fidel?

Is he alive? That’s the question. And has been for the past 6 months or so. But today, there’s evidence he might be, or might not be.

Being startled from my reverie of hacking Typo3 to work with MySQL 5 by Kelsey’s announcement that Fidel Castro resigned today, she hit on a theme / that we thought might sell t-shirts.

Check it out on our shared blog Dos Puerqueños (and fight to get “puerqueño” added to wikipedia. It means “roast cuy” which is guinea pig and it’s a Spanish portmaneau of “puerco” meaning pig and “pequeño” meaning small.)

Or head over to CafePress and get your ¿viva fidel? gear.

Viva Fidel t-shirtviva fidel t-shirt

All proceeds will go to support the Audubon Society of Little Havana or OSSO, which a truly great program, and the catalyst that brought us to Ecuador.

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