The mass of flames that didn’t come

I was expecting quite a few reponses to my rant the other day, and maybe even a few comments of my framework requirements, but it looks like nobody reads my blog, after all. Boo-hoo. I mean thank goodness. I can once again feel safe in my shell and make stupid sweeping generalizations with impunity.

But Kelsey wanted me to shill for her, under the illusion that I am another slashdot. It’s a good thing I didn’t set up adwords, it would have never paid for the bandwidth. As controversial or as asinine as I can be, even mentioning open source products and languages disparagingly doesn’t generate more than a half dozen hits.

The word “Rails” still gets more than “Django” — but the sample is so small it’s statically insignificant. “CakePHP” and “SolarPHP” don’t seem to draw anyone’s attention. “Project management” seems to fare better than “QA” and “testing” combined, but neither can hold a candle to “ImageMagick” and “Calixto Island”, a 1980s text adventure game for the TRS-80 that I mentioned a while back.

My puny market research shows definitively that I should create a text adventure written as a series of dynamically generated PNGs with the text overlayed in graphics.

Once I hit on the proper buzzworthy framework and programming language to use, I’ll be off to the races.

It seems perl and PHP users have equal frustration with installing ImageMagick, so it’ll probably be one of them — especially because I don’t want to jump through the hoops getting it to work with Scala or F#.

In the meantime… (see next post)

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