Bugzilla and the Summer of Code

I learned from the Bugzilla-dev email list that the Google Summer of Code is taking applications starting tomorrow.

Of course, Mozilla is a sponsor, and Bugzilla is a Mozilla project, and we’d like be involved. Some of the top Bugzilla developers are interested in mentoring (and I would be too, if I were any kind of a mentor — I could be a cheerleader.) The Bugzilla summer of code page is here if you’d like to apply.

I know I would if I were a student. I’m going to be working on some Bugzilla integration with QA Site, really soon now.

Which reminds me, I’m supposed to be working on Bugzilla QA for the 3.0.4 release, but I’m swamped right now with the new One Shore design which, of course, uses Bugzilla.

By the way, an interesting project that I might check out when I have the time is Tikal, which has a new UI for Bugzilla that I like the look of, as well as support for tasks, etc..

Anyway, here’s my ideas for Summer of Code projects for Bugzilla:

Here’s some ideas for projects:

  1. More charts and graphs (the kids love the graphics)
  2. Outlook (or Evolution) plugin
  3. Firefox extension (I saw a request for this on Guru.com recently)
  4. Automatic bug submissions from build, test tools (e.g, Ant, Selenium)
  5. Bugzilla based social network (Assignees == Friends/?)
  6. Template UI loader/switcher (like in a CMS)

Any other ideas? Let me know or go to the Bugzilla Summer of Code 2008 Community page.

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