Back in the U.S.A.

Up for 20 hours traveling from Quito to Seattle.  Dinner at a Las Marguerita’s Mexican restaurant with Kelsey’s dad and family.  Eden beating on me all through dinner, with my back killing me from traveling and moving and already in bad shape for a week before then.  Picked up Caelin after dinner and then to bed.

Today getting stuff straightened out, sending faxes, re-setting up interviews, and finding out is down (thanks VPSLand.)

But it’s good to be back in the U. S. A. and flush the paper down the toilet.

Now it’s time to focus on finding consulting work:

getting back up
resolving paypal and 1and1 “security” issues
renewing skype-in business number (again, a “security” issue with credit cards)
updating my resume and creating an interactive online resume
brushing up on QA, PM, Dev, SA skills
finishing site redesign
branding and filling out tools wiki
writing tutorials/reviews and putting up test tool demos
looking for putting together QA site as a product and marketing it
looking for consulting gigs and working with recruiters

I’ll have about 2 weeks in Seattle, and then 2 weeks in Montana, visiting my family.  Chris will be coming back from Iraq for a short leave, so most everyone will be getting together.

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