Sixteen tons

I got a job at Speakeasy in Seattle starting April 21.  Software QA, of course.  I think I might move toward more web development, because it seems easier to get telecommute gigs.   I’d like to spend more time on One Shore, but now I’m shopping for a boat.

This is one of them:

Raven is a 1967 Charlie Morgan Yawl.

It has a newer engine and sails, spare sails, is (supposedly) seaworthy, is roomy, and Kelsey likes it.  The biggest drawback is it’s size.  It’s 45′ long.  That means it’s going to be hard to find moorage.  Especially if we liveaboard, which we’d like to.  Can’t really afford rent and boat payment + marina.

We’d like to find a private dock (ideally on Lake Washington) where we could park the boat and (preferably) live aboard.  Anywhere within commute range of downtown Seattle would do.  If we can roll rent into the boat (and moorage) then we could pay it off that much quicker.

We’re still looking, but if we can find a place to put it and get it at the right price, this will become our home soon.  And it weighs 16 tons.  What do you get?