Bugzilla & PerlMagick on Windows

I’m installing Bugzilla (v 3.0.4) on Windows again, and I must say it’s going very nicely.

I installed ActivePerl 5.8.8 build 822 and added the theoryx PPM repository:

ppm repo add theory58S http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms

ppm install TimeDate + 2.22
ppm install Email-Send + 2.185
ppm install Template-Toolkit +v2.19
ppm install Email-MIME-Modifier +1.442

ppm install DBD-Pg + 1.45
ppm install DBD-mysql +4.005

ppm install GDGraph + 1.4308
ppm install Template-GD + 2.66
ppm install Chart + 2.3
ppm install XML-Twig + 3.32
ppm install MIME-tools + 5.4.20
ppm install PatchReader + 0.9.5
ppm install perl-ldap + 0.34
ppm install HTML-Scrubber + 0.88
ppm install Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper + 1.313
ppm install Email-Reply + 1.202

I don’t need all these, but I thought I’d see how the install worked on each.

None of them had any trouble. DBD-mysql didn’t have any upgrade trouble, Chart didn’t need a custom install, template-toolkit didn’t choke on dependencies — these are among the issues I remember in the past.

Thanks alot to the Theoryx folks at the University of Winnipeg.

PerlMagick is included with ImageMagick these days, so I installed ImageMagick 6.4.2-1 O16 but it’s PerlMagick was for ActivePerl 5.10.[something] and I couldn’t find older versions on their site. If deliberate, I understand the motive, but such draconian measures hurt more than they help.

Anyway, another Google search turned up the following link:


which led to:


so I typed:

ppm install http://www.bribes.org/perl/ppm/Image-Magick.pp

This installed PerlMagick successfully, at least to the point of passing checksetup.pl and a simple script that just looks like:

use Image::Magick;

So thanks again Theoryx, thanks Google, thanks PerlMonks, thanks Bribes.org, thanks ImageMagick, thanks Netscape, thanks Bugzilla team, thanks Larry & co, thanks Linus and RMS, Tim B-L, DARPA, & etc.

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