Continuous Integration tools

Here’s a link to a large matrix of CI tools:

Here’s my own list with basic impressions

  • CruiseControl – a bit old
  • Continuum – Apache
  • Luntbuild – Dead simple, but not that intuitive or extendible. Usually end up cloning and tweak
  • Hudson – Looks very interst
  • Anthill – not open source?
  • Bamboo – Atlassian
  • Teamcity – Intellij
  • CruiseControl.NET – .NET based, I hear it’s much more featureful than regular cruisecontrol.

Others to look at:

One thought on “Continuous Integration tools

  1. don’t forget to include your documentation in the build, not just API docs (Javadoc, Oxygen, PHPDocumentor, etc.) but actual documentation tools that create help files and manuals. Looking for a good document tool — possibly DocBook/HTML/PDF/Word

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