Process Explorer = lsof for Windows

I’m messing around with Sprout still, and looking onto windows compatability.

win32-open3 0.2.5 is required for sprout, but the latest is win32-open3 0.2.6

The main difference I see in the changelog is:

Fixed RubyForge bug #20455 (closed IO stream)

[by the way, is there anyway to search Rubyforge for a bug by ID?]

So I’m looking to see how many file handles I can open in one (ruby) process on Windows, and seeing it it matches up with the 170 listed in the bug.

Anyway, while I’m investigating that, I found a really cool tool that is essentially lsof for windows.  The command line version is “handle” but there’s a cool GUI version called “Process Explorer“.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is looking for something like it (most likely meaning “me” at some point in the future.)

5 thoughts on “Process Explorer = lsof for Windows

  1. Windows Sysinternals

    File and Disk Utilities
    Junction — Symbolic links for windows

    Network Utilities

    Process Utilities
    PortMon – Monitor Ports
    Process Monitor
    ShellRunAs – sudo
    PSTools – pslist, pskill

    Security Tools

    PsExec – like chroot, I wouldn’t really trust this though.

    System Information

    Very interesting stuff. Of course I haven’t done that much on Windows (not that I’m a unix guru either, but at least the tools are a bit more publicized — and used to be installed by default on Linux)

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