Ideas for testing articles

Here are some articles/blog posts kicking around in my head that I thought I’d write down.

  • 3 types of tests (validation, regression, exploratory)
  • Focussed exploratory testing (and session based testing)
  • Web automation tools (Selenium, Watir, Canoo, Mechanize)
  • Page based testing framework (page elements and IDE completion)
  • Introduction to Selenium with STIQ (SolutionTestIQ)
  • The QA stack (version control, documentation and requirements, task management, bug tracking, builds, code analysis, continuous integration, deployment, test framework, automation — examples: subversion, xwiki, projectpier, bugzilla, ant, cobertura, cruisecontrol, capistrano, junit, selenium )
  • Bugs, Tasks Tickets, and Features
  • Bugs vs. Defects (one bugs you, the other doesn’t match a requirement)
  • Triage – taming the bug database (include backlog review)
  • Grouping tests (with tags)
  • wiki test cases
  • test consulting survey (would you hire an independent consultant?)
  • testing and domain knowledge (why a consultant with a recurring part time relationship)
  • Version Control Systems – one of the most important QA tools (it allows you to break things)
  • Archetypical prospective customers
  • Scrum and Standup meetings

If someone asks for one of them, I’ll get to work on it. Otherwise, I’ll work through the list and add/subtract as I feel.

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