At nerd camp

My wife got an email from Nate‘s wife with a picture of me at the Flex Bugquash.   Thankfully, without an identifying caption.

That’s my rickety old Gateway laptop  sporting Windows Vista.  I think one other person there had an HP with Windows, but otherwise it was wall to wall Macbooks.  Unfortunately, that meant I spent a lot of time troubleshooting problems without tech support.  Wifi didn’t work for me either at the Adobe campus, once all the Macs showed up.  Apparently there’s a prioritization.

Anyway, there were lots of snacks (I had 3 times my share of M&Ms), lots of hacking, and while I didn’t get a patch submitted to fix a bug, I learned how to hack the Flex SDK, and got some unit tests around DateFormatter running.

I’m now a lot more comfortable in Flex and am incorporating what I learned with Sprouts and Fluint.  I finally feel comfortable enough to work on automating a Flex build & test suite.

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