Flex, PHP, and WebORB business model

I was looking at WebORB, which is a Flex remoting framework, but I noticed there were no docs, not even for installation. I believe you can get documentation (or at least “support”) if you purchase a subscription.  Their “knowledgebase” consists of a FAQ which is really just a bunch bogus questions that basically say “should I buy a license?”, “why should I buy a license?”, etc.

It’d be better, frankly to not even hint at documentation, or give free downloads.

If I heard that there was a commercial product that did what I wanted, I’d want to see a feature list.  If I was interested, I’d pay for it.  Giving away the product and then hoping users get frustrated and pay for a license (excuse me, I mean subscription — see the FAQ for why it’s a subscription and not a license — though I suspect the real, unstated reason is that may actually be open source code that they don’t have a right to license) isn’t a good model.  It leads to frustrated potential users tweeting and abandoning the product.

This may sound like the JBoss model, but at least JBoss clearly stated that docs cost $10 (maybe at first they didn’t.)

Anyway, the error I was getting looks like there’s something breaking that eAccelerator is choking on:

[4040] EACCELERATOR: PHP crashed on opline 10 of onWriteText() at C:\dev\weborb\php\3.5\Services\Weborb\Management\Codegen\Codegenerator.php:176

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