My projects

So I’m cleaning up my webspace a little and realized I’ve actually got quite a few projects I’m working on.  Here’s a list:

  • One Shore – my business website (freelance testing an development)
  • QA Site – hosted software testing tools, automation, and test deployments
  • Taskboard – agile project management application
  • Like Minds – “there’s more to life than dating” social network
  • Shoppi (AKA ForgetMeNot) – shopping list webservice and iPhone app
  • Sailhost – free web sites for sailors with blog, gallery, and GPS route widget
  • Harvest – “gathering requirements should be fun”

And projects I’m working on for others:

Old projects I’m not actively working on (some have expired domains):

  • Klamath Systems – my old business with networking, hosting, wifi, and voip
  • Fluffy –  Flex test automation research project
  • Linux PC – custom built PCs with Linux installed
  • Dave’s Books – uses Amazon Web Service and bar code scanner to track inventory
  • Reservations – book  hotel reservations online

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