Working with multiple versions of Rails

1. Clone the whole Rails repository so you can switch versions offline

git clone git://

2. Checkout desired version from local copy

cd /path/to/cloned/rails
git checkout v1.2.6

3. Create a skeleton rails app with the version of rails from the local repository

ruby /path/to/cloned/rails/railties/bin/rails skeleton-1.2.6

4.Copy the cloned rails to the skeleton app’s vendor directory

cp /path/to/cloned/rails skeleton-1.2.6/vendor/

Alternately, you can create skeleton apps with specific versions and freeze

rake rails:freeze:edge RELEASE=1.2.6

(Revision not set, using HEAD)

Or to create a project with a specific version of rails (with gem installed), use underscores around the version number :

ruby rails _1.2.5_ skeleton

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