OForge & Trac Test Management

OForge looks like an interesting tool.  It’s a customized trac install that has (what I was looking for) a hierarchical wiki and multiple projects.  I found it with this post to the Trac mailing list.

I’m thinking about building a test-management plugin for Trac that can document functional tests and eventually link to executing BDD tests in PHP.  OForge might have many of the capabilities I need (such as hierarchical wiki).  It also has some cool features like mailing list management and irc.

It has continuum support, but I’m looking for cruise control, and specifically phpundercontrol.

There’s a VMWare image of Oforge available for evaluation, which works as advertized, but I haven’t had much luck building and installing it.  It looks like it expects a specific Gentoo setup and to pretty much run by itself, though I’m sure it could be setup with enough work and knowledge.

I actually don’t see how to create a project, or even add tickets to the example projects.

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