Quixapp – A Bookmarklet Bookmarklet

Quix is a way to call bookmarklets from a bookmarket.

From the site:

  • No plugins slowing down your browser
  • No need to remember multiple bookmarklets
  • Maintain your bookmarklets in one spot

Check it out.

If you want to install Quix in IE (their site doesn’t say how this can be done, probably to avoid support questions) you’ll have to do a bit of work.  Here’s what you do to get Quix (a javascript command) as a bookmark on Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to http://quixapp.com
  2. Click on the Quix App button
  3. Click on the warning bar  and select “Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows”
  4. Click on the “Quix App” button again — now it should work
  5. Bookmark the Quixapp site (or use any existing bookmark)
  6. Now right click on the button and select “copy shortcut”
  7. Right click on the quix bookmark and select “Properties”
  8. Paste the quix javascript into the URL:
  9. Edit the icon and name for the bookmark if desired
  10. click ok on the properties

Now you can use the Quix bookmarklet from IE!

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