Resumelink needs a logo & graphic design

My newest venture is moving along nicely.  I’ve got a pretty good grip on the features and some interesting partnership prospects.  I’ve got a timeline for debut (I’m targeting June 1) with a very basic feature set.

  1. upload your resume
  2. create a personalized URL
  3. (maybe) create a profile
  4. (probably not yet) build a resume online
  5. (definitely not yet) community features
  6. (possibly) integration with a “competitor”
  7. templates and ads are out for now, but I want to have the infrastructure in place
  8. conversion can be done as a manual process
  9. custom stats are out, but you can probably use google analytics or some blog tools
  10. I’ll be looking for feature requests from recruiters, employers, and other professionals (like resume writers) after launch

But now I need to start thinking about appearances.  The current home page is atrocious (I designed it) and there is no logo.  The copy isn’t great either, but the main point was to get some content areas and show the general concept.


I created a contest over at 99 designs and haven’t really seen anything good yet (but it’s only been 1 day).  If you’re a graphical designer and you are interested, head on over.  Or if contests or “spec” work aren’t your thing, and you’re still interested, let me know.

My own logo ideas are literally drawn on scraps of paper (and in one case, a napkin).  I scanned them and uploaded the images here:

After I get a logo I’m happy with, I’ll need a site design.  It will not look anything like the screenshot above (I hope).

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