Cancelling a domain with

I use for my domain registration because it’s user interface is miles above

Except when it comes to cancellation. Godaddy does their best to make sure you can’t cancel or transfer a domain, but Sedo had far exceeded them in sleezy, bordering on criminal obfuscation.

First of all, you can’t even cancel a domain (or set it to NOT auto-renew) on their website. You can’t even get there from a link on their website.

After several minutes of futile searching, you might go look at their FAQ. That’s a bit of a challenge too. They prevent search engines from indexing their FAQ. Finally, if you’re lucky, you might find a page under “Package and Billing” called “Cancellation System” and finally, the fourth question “How do I cancel a domain and/or additional items from my package?” — probably the only thing that makes sense.

For your benefit, here’s the direct link (it may change):

There I find that you have to manually log into a different website (not accessible from the main website):

There, after logging in separately, you can initiate the cancellation process for either a single domain, or a package containing more than one domain.

As far as I can tell, there is no bulk cancellation where you can just check boxes. This will be important to note later.

Because there is a nine step process for cancelling a domain. Count them on the FAQ 9 different screens!

But wait, there’s more. Read the last page carefully. You also have to check your email because there is a cancellation confirmation email (remember this is just for doing the equivalent of checking ‘do not auto-renew’) and clicking a link in that email to actually cancel the domain.

I’m not sure if it will work at this point, but you can bet they’re counting on most people having given up long before now. Just in case you’ve made it this far, they also send a dummy email saying “we’re going to send you a cancellation confirmation email at some time in the future” to try to throw you off — hoping, no doubt that by overwhelming you with volume of email that you might miss the action cancellation confirmation activation email and fail to click on the link.

Since you can only do a single domain or a single package at a time, you have to do the whole thing over again if you have another domain in a different package (but still under the same account) that you want to cancel.

However, you can’t do this while you have an unfullfilled cancellation. You have to wait until the first cancellation is processed completely and activated before you can cancel another domain.

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