Working on my Da Vinci resume

Here’s a great post about Leonardo Da Vinci’s resume. Or rather, a letter he wrote to the Duke of Milan. At the least, it’s a great cover letter.

It’s a great piece of personal marketing, even if a bit outlandish. The key point is the tone is not “what I have done” but “what I can do for you” and he takes care to point out the value of his skills for both wartime and peace (so that he’s not just hired to do one job.)

So I’m working on my Da Vinci resume. Here’s an outline of “what I can do for you” in the role of a QA lead or consultant:

  1. Automated Builds
  2. Unit & Integration Tests (and Mocks)
  3. Test Deployment
  4. Functional Testing
  5. Automated Testing Framework
  6. Requirements Analysis
  7. Defect Tracking and Resolution
  8. QA Process
  9. Mentoring and Training
  10. Team Leadership
  1. I can set up an automated build system so that developers can verify their code works and is compatible with existing code. This can be run as often as you like, even after every checkin.  It can enforce coding standards, run automated tests, report test coverage, and immediately notify you of problems.  Checkins can prevented from degrading the quality of the system, and problems can be traced to their origination.
  2. I can design and develop tests that exercise individual components (unit tests) in isolation or working together (integration tests).  I can build stub interfaces that allow parts of the system to be developed independently that would otherwise need to be all completed before they could be tested.  In practice, writing these tests up front helps foster a design that reduces the necessity for dependent systems.
  3. I can measure the performance and reliability of systems under heavy usage, or simulate heavy usage over extended periods of time to determine the load that the systems can reliably carry and help plan for scalability needs.
  4. I can build a test environment and perform test deployments of the system which can be used for functional testing and determining dependencies and increase confidence in and ease of the production deployment.
  5. I can write and execute functional tests to verify features are correctly implemented and expose missing requirements or unforseen incompatibilities.
  6. I can write a framework to execute automated tests which will help prevent regression of features and allow testers to concentrate more on exploratory testing
  7. I can identify, document, and track defects and issues and their resolution.  I can recommend and use defect a tracking system to help coordinate and prioritize problems and ensure they are not forgotten.
  8. I can provide insight and analysis to help improve the QA process within your organization.  I can work within your process, with your tools, as well as give recommendations on process improvement and additional tools.
  9. I can provide mentoring to team members about quality assurance, test automation, and agile software development methods.  I can pair with developers and understand their code, or with other testers and share my experience.  I can offer training using a variety of tools and testing strategies, particularly test driven development using automation.
  10. I can provide leadership and coordinate QA efforts for your team.  I can interview and train QA resources and be an evangelist for quality processes with development and business.  I can help bridge the gap between customers and implementors.

I am a strong believer in agile, lightweight process and open communication among all stakeholders.  I’m familiar with a variety of tools and processes. I’m a proponent of using open source technology where it makes sense.

I advocate unit tests written by developers, a continuous integration process with a dedicated build manager, automated regression tests, exploratory testing by QA, customer acceptance, prioritized iterative development and frequent releases.

2 thoughts on “Working on my Da Vinci resume

  1. Tom Driscoll
    (505) 506 – 3772

    Transportation Industry professional providing transit services in various management capacities. As a consultant for more than 6 years, specialized in developing prescriptive implementation strategies for alternative fuels. Completed a successful multi-million dollar USAID funded project in Cairo, Egypt introducing CNG Pilot Fleets to the Cairo Public Transit Sector. Managed the design and implementation of CNG bus operations and safety programs.

    My management philosophy is based on experience, not just ideas; style is to motivate, taking projects from “idea to implementation” in a positive, pro-active, results-oriented environment. Proven ability to manage resources and deliver performance objectives in both mature and developing markets within the U.S. and Egypt. Demonstrable sensitivity to issues impacting culture, history, politics and the environment. Project experience includes training development; facility design & operations support.

    Accomplishment highlights

    • Enabled an operation to successfully pass CHP inspections for the first time in five years.
    • Successfully integrated American made rolling chassis with Egyptian manufactured body
    • Provided oversight for the design and implementation of Egyptian CNG bus operations, maintenance & safety programs.
    • Spearheaded employee relations improvements resulting in 70% grievance reduction.
    • Resolved management/labor disputes as designated hearing officer; conducted Union negotiations; identified human resource requirements, developed job specifications and recruitment specialist for Light Rail start up.
    • Award Recipient for improving service efficiencies, enhancing productivity and enhancing employee morale.
    Employment Brief

    Chemonics International, Cairo Air Improvement Project, Cairo Egypt
    International Transportation Sector Advisor Designed/implemented operation & maintenance program for Cairo Transit Authority and Greater Cairo Bus Company’s CNG fleet; initiated development of Egyptian National CNG Standards & design of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
    Albuquerque Transit: Deputy Director Managed budget of $25 million and staff of 454, including administrative support, non-represented management and union employees; Made presentations to elected officials, advisory groups, various civic organizations; reorganized public transportation institutional framework
    San Joaquin Regional Transit District, Stockton CA: Fleet Support Director Managed budget of $15 million; Developed fleet and facility bid specifications, conducted labor negotiations.
    City of Culver City, Culver City CA: Fleet Manager Directed maintenance activities on city-owned fleet of 600+ vehicles and various support equipment
    MILITARY SERVICE U. S. Coast Guard
    Aviation Mechanic/Honorable Discharge
    Graduate, Jet Engine propulsion, Reciprocating Engine Maintenance, Certified Aviation Maintenance Technician

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