Finding the API for a DLL

In my last post, because I had problems with the 64bit version of JScript not working with Quality Center 10, I went far and wide looking for a solution.  My first thought was that maybe it’s not called “TDApiOle80.TDConnection” anymore.  After all, this is QC version 10, not 8.  I just wanted to see what the class was called, but I had no way to look at the DLL.

Here’s what I did to fix that.

I installed the .NET SDK (just so that I could get a little file called ildasm.exe  The .NET disassembler.

That didn’t give me the object name, but I went ahead on the assumption that the name hadn’t changed.  I supposed I could have used “strings” if I had it installed.

I also tried using the following command to make sure that the DLL was loaded.

regsvr32 “c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\Quality Center\OTAClient.dll”

It said it was

If you don’t have the QC OTA Api handy, you can get a basic view with ildasm

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