A brief history of Unix

1969 Initially developed as a subset of MULTICS, developed on a PDP-6 at Bell Labs
1970 Officially named “unix” and ported to run on PDP-11
1971 First edition of the “UNIX Programmer’s Manual” is published
1972-1973 Unix is rewritten mostly in C
1974 First PDP-11 with unix installed at Berkeley
1975 Unix Version 5 is released
1976 Lion’s Commentary, with source code is published
1977-1978 Initial release of BSD unix by Bill Joy
1978 Unix/V32 released for DEC VAX
1979 2BSD released with vi and c-shell
1980 Microsoft announces Xenix
1982 Unix System III is licensed for commercial use, Sun Unix is released, Xenix is ported to Intel 8086 by SCO.
1983 US govt settles antitrust with AT&T, Unix System V is released by AT&T, Sun Unix becomes SunOS, the Free Software Foundation is formed

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