My TODO list

I’ve started a new project:

Apple Blossom pre-school and home school curriculum software.

  1. Register Domain
  2. Set up DNS & hosting
  3. Email  setup
    Google Apps
  4. Logo design
    Contest at 99designs
  5. Home page with email registration
  6. Blog & Social Media
  7. Market Research
    Big Players
    Focused Players
  8. Adwords Campaign
  9. Sample Curriculum
  10. Feature mockup
  11. Outreach
    curriculum writers
    home school & preschool organizations
  12. Business Plan
  13. Development Plan
  14. Marketing Plan
  15. Content Creator / Writer
  16. Web App
    MVP scoping
    develop iteration 1
    make it pretty
  17. Mobile App
  18. Beta program
  19. Go Live
  20. Feedback & analysis
  21. Plan iteration 2

I’ve also got to brush up last years project Resumelink

  1. Fix registration notifications
  2. Manually process about 100 new registrations since February 1
    Mechanical Turk
  3. Profile editing
  4. Resume Update
  5. Search engine view
  6. Comments & Referrals
  7. Import resume feed
  8. Facebook App
  9. Automatic resume conversion
    Windows server & automation
  10. Find HR / Recruiting / Resume Writer partner for Social Media position

Then there’s my QA consulting at One Shore:

  1. New website
    content areas
    general layout wireframes
  2. Web site redesign
    find designer
  3. Website framework
    choose MVC or CMS (WordPress)
  4. News feed
  5. Blog Feed
  6. Write copy for website
  7. set up CRM for leads and clients
  8. Write blog content
    HP Quality Center / Junit integration
  9. Develop Test Management tool
  10. QA Site product
  11. Write & submit articles
  12. QA networking

And Salescall is still on the back burner

  1. Finish mobile mockup
  2. Develop Web UI
  3. Develop APIs
  4. Implement Salesforce or SugarCRM integration
  5. Skype feature
  6. Google Voice
  7. Transcription
  8. Iphone App
  9. Android App
  10. Marketing

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