Working on Apple Blossom

This morning I got up early and scrounged around for some paper and a sharpie. I had some ideas about the Apple Blossom layout I’d been thinking of. See this earlier post on the company blog about a weekly lesson plan.

The lesson planner is just one screen, but it’s fairly easy one to understand. It’s also likely to be the most used and complex feature.

Shortly after I got started, my son woke up. “Mommy, Daddy…I’m ready to get up” called Harmon. (This is right about 6:00am). He came out and joined me on the couch and mom put on “Mighty Machines” for him. “I want a snack” he says, and mom handled that as well.

Before long his little sister was up too. She crawled on the couch next to me.

“A…A” she said. (All letters are “A” to Sammy.) I was entering big letters on the mockup.

“I want to watch Monster Trucks” said Harmon.

Eventually I moved to the table, but Sammy kept bringing me books and wanting to sit on my lap. I’d read her a page or two before she’d climb down to go get another book.

“Come play cars with me” called Harmon.

Finally, I got done and played cars and we watched monster trucks on Daddy’s little computer. I skipped breakfast, but Kelsey got me a croissant and apple to go.

Here’s the initial mockup. Thanks to Balsamiq Mockups!

Along with the Lesson Plan mockup, I created a feature list this morning (this was the part where Sammy wanted me to read to her).

See the detailed feature list on the Apple Blossom Blog

And thanks to Sammy, Harmon, and Kelsey for being so understanding and patient with daddy.

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