Capture screenshot & log results with Selenium IDE

This post originated as a response to a question I received via the One Shore contact form.

You can capture a screenshot with the Selenium command called (unsurprisingly) captureScreenshot. There is even a handy captureScreenshotOnError command.

But I just looked at a recent Selenium IDE and it looks like those commands are not available. It has captureEntirePageScreenshot which takes a filename as the first parameter:

Typically with Selenium RC you’d use a test framework (like junit) and use the features from that that for getting results. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to export test results from Selenium IDE. You can “Export” your tests to a number of formats and then run them as Selenium RC scripts.

Unfortunately, Selenium IDE is pretty basic and not a “real” IDE — just a simple recorder. I hear they’re working on changing that though.