Capture screenshot & log results with Selenium IDE

This post originated as a response to a question I received via the One Shore contact form.

You can capture a screenshot with the Selenium command called (unsurprisingly) captureScreenshot. There is even a handy captureScreenshotOnError command.

But I just looked at a recent Selenium IDE and it looks like those commands are not available. It has captureEntirePageScreenshot which takes a filename as the first parameter:

Typically with Selenium RC you’d use a test framework (like junit) and use the features from that that for getting results. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to export test results from Selenium IDE. You can “Export” your tests to a number of formats and then run them as Selenium RC scripts.

Unfortunately, Selenium IDE is pretty basic and not a “real” IDE — just a simple recorder. I hear they’re working on changing that though.

4 thoughts on “Capture screenshot & log results with Selenium IDE

  1. Hello Fiji,

    i tried recording the test case using Selenium tool, but found it is not capturing all the events and recpective id’s. I am suppose to do that manually. Particularly iframes and other dynamic compoenents.

    Is it possible to customize selenium so that it can record all the elements, without any intervention.


      1. Ask is very simple. I want a kind of tool which i will run and it will capture all the events and respective ID’s of WEB UI.
        I know webdriver is capable to do so, but again for Iframers or components which are in Hierachy of iframes. I am suppose to record it manually.
        I dont want anything manual. I Just want to start the tool and it should be capable to record everything without manual efforts.

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