Lately…moving, looking for work, flying etc.

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything other than a tech related post here. I’m going to try to change that. Just think, this used to be a travelogue. That’s where the name ‘fijiaaron’ came from.

Lately I’ve been busy moving. We moved from south Renton (soon to become Kent) back to Bellevue. It was for complicated reasons, and there has been some drama around that, but in short, it’s because we want to move back to Ecuador.

So moving has been taking the majority of my time the last couple weeks. Even though Kelsey has been doing the majority of the work. I discovered Saturday morning that my drivers license is expired –Happy Birthday– luckily we had a friend who could help us move and drove the moving truck.

Thanks Jonah and all the rest who helped load & unload. BBQ and surfing sometime soon.

At the same time I find myself unexpectedly unemployed and with a higher rent. Two years ago I cut expenses and tried to make a go of it doing freelance consulting with One Shore but had to go back to work after 9 months just as a small amount of money started to trickle in.

Now I’d like to try again. I’m more focussed, a better developer & tester, and have learned a lot. But I’m low on cash, and if we plan to go to Ecuador at the end of the year, I need to build up reserves.

So I don’t know what to do. I’ve bid on a few development projects, but I’ve been answering recruiter calls all day the last few — even while still only half settled in to our new house.

What I’d really like to do is work on my startup. Second to that I’d like to consulting and some freelance work. Third is a short term contract, preferably with a short commute — I’m thinking about canvassing the Eastgate office park to see if there’s any work for me. A distant next choice would be a longer term role with telecommute that I can continue in Ecuador.

Kelsey & Jama got me a flying lesson with John LaPorta. He was my old flight instructor and I haven’t been flying since I got my license in 2007. It was wonderful, but it only makes me want to do more. Harmon came with us and that was special. He loved it but Kelsey says he wouldn’t let her let go of him. She’s afraid of flying. Or at least my flying.

When I turned 9 I went flying with my dad (who didn’t finish getting his license when he got married.) I had to save up two years birthdays for it (and my little brother got to come along for free!)

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