Settled in to Cuenca

We’re settled into our new house in Cuenca in the historic central area of town. There’s lots of room for my office downstairs, a guest bedroom, and a play room for the kids. We don’t have much furniture yet, but we’re slowly accumulating stuff after purging almost everything before leaving the USA.

I haven’t had a lot of time to walk around since I hurt my foot and was out of commission for a few days, but last night we went to La Fornace, our favorite pizzaria and then visited the girls orphanage where they mobbed our kids and remembered us (despite Kelsey’s fears that they wouldn’t.) They also remembered my dad with his big belly and and red beard.  Girls I first met when they were 3 & 4 are 10 & 12 and so big!

We got internet on Friday, and I actually spent Monday working on design for a mobile app.

Today we’re shopping for a fridge and an office chair for me.  Kelsey and the kids are video chatting with friends from Bellevue and then it’s off to the mall.  Kelsey wants the cheap fridge but I want the expensive one and to shop around more.

We met a nice family from Texas at the park the other day and have run into them several times.  Harmon’s getting to be good friends their son who is the same age.  He even shared his Lightning McQueen with him today.  I showed them our favorite restaurant which is only half a block away & servers typical lunches (that are delicious) for $1.50.  They have a girl too that Harmon and Sammy played with after dinner on Saturday night.

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