Selenium QC integration update

My blog post about connecting to QC from a client side script was mentioned on the PushToTest tutorial about selenium for beginners.

Thanks the Frank Cohen of PushToTest for mentioning me.   Although to be strictly accurate, I don’t talk about using OTA to run Selenium tests, I talk about using OTA  to update test results in Quality Center from a Selenium test (or other test that is run via JUnit, etc.).  It may sound like splitting hairs, but I get a lot of questions about that from confused people.

I should probably draw a diagram and post it on my blog.  I had one on my whiteboard that I used to explain to a test manager the actual workflow.

I’ve written several other blog posts on the subject and have been meaning to put them together into a long article (or short book) on the subject (with source code):

Integrating JUnit tests with HP/Mercury Quality Center
Integrating JUnit with HP Quality Center part 2
Upload Selenium/JUnit test results to Quality Center
Updating test results in QC using the QC OTA APK explained
Getting a QC test coverage report from JUnit

I also have some example code on GitHub that can be used off the shelf to batch update test results in QC from a spreadsheet (though a small effort is required have your tests output their results in the expected CSV format):

If you’re looking to integrate Quality Center with your open source testing tools, give me a call  or write me a note.

I’d be happy to discuss what I can do for you.

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