How can a QA Site help you?

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How can a QA Site help you?

·     All your testing information together in one place

Your QA Site dashboard gathers information from the different tools that testers, developers, analysts, and project manager use into one place that increases project visibility and collaboration.

See project milestones and status, task completion, blocking issues, defects and resolutions, requirements changes, document updates, code check-ins,

automated builds, and test execution at a glance.

·     Integrate your existing tools & processes

Use your existing tools and integrate them with your dashboard.  Allow your testers & developers to work the way they want.

Your QA Site doesn’t try to change how your team works or dictate which tools they use.  It complements existing processes and enhances productivity.

·     Add the missing pieces to your QA toolset

What tools do you wish you had but you don’t have the time or resources to ad? Does your organization pass the “Joel Test“? Are some tools in silos that only some team members use?

Enable developers to see project goals, testers to use version control, and analysts to know what requirements are covered by tests.  Make your tools available anywhere with your QA Site.

·     No setup or infrastructure costs & no maintenance required

Your QA Site is a turn key package including everything you need from OS to software configuration.   Keep everything on site or hosted on your favorite cloud platform.

Training and support are available, and the system is maintained for you.

Request your QA site today


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