Working on my birthday

Today is my birthday, but I’m working hard and enjoying it.

I’m at the beach in Ecuador.   I had a morning surf session before breakfast with my kids riding on my back & Kelsey watching.  We have #3 on the way, you know.

I worked with Andres on Budgeteer from my hammock on the balcony all morning. He was working on the expense list view with local storage and I worked on merging the client and server code base and getting the development server set up with SSL and an Apache / Node.js proxy configuration.

Then I had lunch & started watching Lord of the Rings (I’m reading the books to Kelsey and watching each movie as we finish the book).  While watching the movie and staring at the waves, I did a little market research and networking.  I took a couple calls from recruiters including one interesting project.  Now it’s back to work on the Budgeteer development server.

I hope to get the web service endpoints up before a meeting with a client this evening to finish a FloreantPOS web service project deployment.

After that, I’ll be manning the barbecue for dinner and finally hope to catch an evening surf session.

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