Not writing much

It’s the end of the year, and I haven’t written much on my blog in 2013, but it’s been a fairly busy year.

I started the year working at Ancestry and then went back to freelancing.  I hired 3 interns, and started working on building a cloud test environment with them. I got a client, DIIO, and ended up working full time for them.  I even got to go to the company party in Mexico.  It was a blast, thanks DIIO!

But Kelsey made me come home from Mexico and she’s talking about moving.  I’m not sure what the new year holds, but I’ve got a couple of interesting ideas and some more projects.

1.) What if logging were just events that a logging service merely subscribed to. You could add logging “instrumentation” and measure performance, coverage, and lots of other things — if it were baked in (or an aspect!)

2) More playing with clouds and PaaS  AWS, Rackspace, Linode, Cloud Foundry, Juju, Docker

3) I’m going to set up my own private “fog” using Open Stack — for building test environments of course.

4) I’m going to be writing PHPUNIT SELENIUM documentation.

5) I’m going to write more and be purposeful.

6) I’m going to find an assistant who can proofread, handle invoices & budgets, do some basic research, handle vendor contacts, marketing & social media, oh yeah, and learn to test.


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