What programming language should you use for automation

I was also asked what programming language you should use for automation.  Here’s is my response to that question.

Regarding the programming language you use for automation — I don’t think it matters.

A few points to consider:

1)  What language will the product developers around you be using?

You should consider using what they use because you can ask them for help and it might make for a more consistent base.

2)  What platform will you be deploying to?

This isn’t a big factor, but if you’re using Linux, probably don’t use C#, but if you’re a Microsoft shop, there’s nothing wrong with it.  It will also be easier to work with your existing tool chain (e.g. build tools)

I don’t think anyone needs told not to use Objective-C even if they’re an all Apple shop.

3) Do you value static or dynamic typing?

They both have pluses.  I like that I can build a framework that’s intuitive to use (especially in an IDE) when I use static typing, but I often get frustrated by the hoops I have to jump through (using enums and collections) to do so.

Sometimes it’s easier to just get things done in a dynamic language.  And it is still true that they’re easier to learn and the lack of a compile step can help speed things up.  But type safety is nice too.  I guess it depends on your own personal style.

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