Testing SEO

I wrote the following post on LinkedIn after thinking about SEO and marketing for a friend’s business and how it relates to testing.

I’m not an SEO or marketing expert. But I am a testing expert.

And I am an entrepreneur who thinks about SEO and marketing. I create content about software testing (in part) to hep find customers for my test consulting business and network with other software testing and development professionals. I’ve also done my fair share of web development.

I’d like to know more about SEO, inbound marketing, and creating online content and connecting through social media. As a tester, I’m curious about the metrics and strategies SEO experts use to test their effectiveness and shape their content creation strategies accordingly.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is that I’d like to meet, and get to know and SEO expert and learn how they measure success and what their clients expect. I’d like to serve an SEO “apprenticeship” if you will, and maybe exchange services — I can build tools for content generation and distribution, measuring SEO effectiveness, and actions for turning views into actionable leads.

I’d also like to talk with businesses who are interested in SEO and inbound marketing, hearing what their strategies are, learning from their successes and failures, and maybe help them test the effectiveness of their SEO and marketing campaigns.

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