Test Automation isn’t for everyone

I once knew a guy who was a talented craftsman, he could make beautiful hand crafted furniture. His business became popular and demand increased. He got investment and built a large shop, hired a couple assistants and bought addition machinery so he could help meet the demand.

The business was a big success and grew even more. He was almost able to pay back his loan in just a couple years, but then sold his business (which is still successful today under new owners) and went back to working alone on individual orders. He still does quite well and with the proceeds from the sale has a comfortable life, but nothing like it could have been if he’d kept the company.

It turned out he wasn’t as interested in running a manufacturing business as working with his hands, alone, in his little shop in the woods.

Testers (and their bosses) should consider this before thinking about switching from manual QA to automation. It takes different skills and a different mindset, which can be learned, but may not be what you enjoy.

I happened to enjoy the change myself, but I can sympathize with those who don’t.

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