Taking back the internet from the Behemoth

The internet has pretty much become a walled garden for a few major corporations such Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

It takes luck (and skill) to find anything outside these gatekeepers.

Whether it’s searching for news, videos, music, or products & services for sale… good luck finding content on your own.

Independent voices are stifled (or promoted) to suit the whims of these behemoths — who work in collusion.

But what if you want an independent web — where you can find the content and commentary of independent creators based on your interests, not theirs.

Even though the majority of content is published within these walled gardens — and people do so because that’s where they can be found — it’s actually easier than ever to publish your own content. It’s just harder to find.

And we’ve gotten lazy — why set up your own blog, or sell your own products — when a big corporation lets you use their tools for free — as long you put it in their walled garden.

I think I’ve found a way to beat the system.

Social networks and search engines promote their own content, algorithically and deliberately. It only makes sense — if it’s a big network, more people are interested in it, so more people must be searching for content from big networks.

It’s circular logic.

But what if you could search for a topic, and your search results would promote independent content by demoting (or distinguishing it from) major content networks.?

That way you could more easily find products from independent sellers, news from independent sources, people who share your interests outside social networks, and yes, even cat videos from independent publishers.

So what I’m proposing is a search engine with a reverse Google algorithm – that promotes results with fewer inbound links, or more specifically, separates results from major media and networks from independently published content.

And providing incentives for people to own their own content, whether it’s cat videos, political commentary, pictures of you grandkids, or crafts for sale.

We don’t need the walled gardens if we are willing to plant our own seeds and — here’s the tricky part — pull out our own weeds, whether it’s offensive content (that we don’t want, not just what they don’t want) or just spam.

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